Sarah Kohr - Koma (AT) Sarah Kohr - Koma (AT)
Sarah Kohr - Zement Sarah Kohr - Zement
Die Bestatterin - 2,5 Tote Die Bestatterin - 2,5 Tote
Männerhort Männerhort

Die Bestatterin - Zweieinhalb Tote

Undertaker Lisa Taubenbaum (Anna Fischer) can once again put her criminal skills to the test in her third case. Read more

"Sarah Kohr - Zement" first broadcast watched by 6.25 million viewers

Lisa Maria Potthoff slips back into the role of the intrepid investigator Sarah Kohr Read more

September 2022 marked the 25th anniversary of film gmbh in Munich. With feature films, TV movies, series productions, documentaries and commercials, the production company has achieved high triple-digit million contacts with viewers on all relevant TV channels, in cinemas and on streaming services since its foundation. The productions stand for originality, excellent production value and personal, fair treatment of all employees and creatives in front of and behind the camera. Sophia Aldenhoven has been managing director and shareholder of the company together with Uli Aselmann for many years.

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Producer, Partner
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Uli Aselmann

Sophia Aldenhoven

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