DORIS (Jutta Speidel) and SIMON (Harald Krassnitzer) are a happy couple. They have been for 35 years. While others have bickered their way through marital crises or dragged each other to the divorce lawyer, they can chalk up a joint oven trade and two headstrong children on their credit account. They've shared their entire lives, spending so much time together that the plan for retirement is in place: Have even more time for each other. Hand the company over to their son (Gabriel Raab) and let their daughter (Annika Blendl) solve her own marital problems. After all, the children are grown up now. Actually, everything is perfect. Until one day the adventurer JOHANNES (Peter Kremer) drives into the village in his caravan - and Doris discovers that it is possible to love two men at the same time: Johannes is eager to travel, cosmopolitan and thus exactly the type Doris sometimes misses a bit in Simon. Simon is reliable and loving, and the kind of man you can talk to about anything. About really everything. Even about an affair, which Doris doesn't hide from her husband Simon. Anyone else would explode with rage. But not Simon! He loves Doris and leaves the decision up to her: If she wants to go, she should go. If she wants to stay, she should stay; which, of course, he secretly wishes! But Doris must now find out for herself where the journey will lead: To Peru with Johannes or to stay with Simon in the idyll at home. With what Simon knows. With what he loves. And that includes Doris, who now has to make a decision without him for the first time in her life.

Initial broadcast
Jutta Speidel, Harald Krassnitzer, Peter Kremer, Annika Blendl uvm.
Franziska Meyer Price
Thorsten Ritsch (ZDF)
Dominique Lorenz
Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven (Producerin)
Silke Fintelmann
Director of Photography
Theo Müller