Vaya con Dios

Road movie with three monks and a woman.

Three monks (Michael Gwisdek, Matthias Brenner, Daniel Brühl), the last of an order that is dying out in Germany, head for Italy to save the rules of the order, which have been guarded for hundreds of years, to where they believe there are still fellow monks. These rules proclaim an almost heretical message - in the eyes of the official church: LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE! For the youngest, Arbo, the gate into the world opens for the very first time. And it looks very different from the ancient maps the monks use for orientation: wider, more chaotic and filled with noise: the unsuspecting Arbo almost causes an accident with a convertible. This is driven by Chiara (Chiara Schoras). She offers the lost monks a ride. Arbo falls in love with the fun-loving young woman. Arbo's doubts about his divine mission do not go unnoticed by his fellow monks. However it is not him, but them who eventually go astray. Tassilo visits his mother and stays. Benno, seemingly unshakeable in his faith, allows himself to be flattered by the Jesuit mortal enemies of the order. They are after the heretical (and very precious) book of the order. With Chiara, however, Arbo learns what really matters in life: LOVE. Together, the two save Arbo's fellow monks from ruin. With the naive gaze of the unworldly monks, a door opens into the adventure called "life": whimsical and loud, but also tender and exciting. Full of possibilities. And full of music!

...A mix of comedy, love story and a road movie about three monks … strikingly beautiful film music.

...on the narrow path between earthly temptation and monasterial asceticism...

...with quiet humour, wonderfully impressive sound and above all staged with respect for the three main characters...


Theatrical release
Michael Gwisdek, Daniel Brühl, Matthias Brenner, Chiara Schoras, Traugott Buhre uvm.
Zoltan Spirandelli
Zoltan Spirandelli
Uli Aselmann
Director of Photography
Dieter Deventer
Magdolna Rokob
Production Design
Harald Turzer
Costume Design
Nina Springsguth
Hair and Make-Up
Barbara Schlensag, Daniel Alexander Schröder
Funded by
Film Förderung Hamburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg
BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Daniel Brühl, best talented young actor; BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Zoltan Spirandelli, best up and coming director; GERMAN FILM PRIZE for Daniel Brühl: best main actor; BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Chiara Schoras, best talented young actress; BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for die film gmbh, VGF producer prize