Die Tochter des Kommissars

Police officer Harms (Herbert Knaup) discovers that his own daughter, Leonie (Lisa Maria Potthoff) and her boyfriend Tobi (David Winter) are dealing with new types of designer drugs and are addicted themselves. During a raid on Tobi's apartment, Harms confiscates a shipment of drugs. The policeman becomes his daughter's dealer, hoping that with a daily ration she will be able to continue living a halfway normal life for a while at least, maybe even pass her high school exams. Since the death of Leonie's mother, a wall of silence stood between father and daughter. They were unable to talk about the painful loss. Now they are accomplices, the ice between them is gradually breaking, but both are now also prisoners of drugs and lies. Harms' young colleague Steffen (Joram Voelklein) suspects that his great role model is hiding something, and internal investigations are also already looking into the whereabouts of the drugs. The policeman increasingly falls under suspicion. And Tobi is in danger, because the drug suppliers want money. Leonie could save him. If she persuades his father to hand over the drugs again. Harms resigns and returns the entire supply to her. But Leonie realizes her mistake, destroys the pills and asks Steffen to protect her friend instead. Tobi is shot in front of Leonie's and Steffen's eyes. Leonie breaks down. Her life hangs by a thread. Only Harms can save her. And thus regain what he thought he had lost long ago: faith in himself.

Moving conflict, acted out urgently.

The film seems the answer to the cinema production "Traffic" in the form of an intimate play.

This light-hearted but melancholic story is moving and humorous.

Initial broadcast
Herbert Knaup, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Joram Voelklein, David Winter uvm.
Christine Hartmann
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Peter Petersen
Uli Aselmann
Nicole Fischer
Director of Photography
Volker Tittel
Cosima Schnell
Production Design
German Pizzini, Carsten Lippstock
Costume Design
Janne Birck
Hair and Make-Up
Martine Flener, Mechthild Schmitt