Wilde Mädchen - Wer küsst Paul?

Sasha (Anna Bertheau) and Tess (Karoline Schuch) are as opposite as fire and water. While the tomboyish Sasha comes from a very liberal home, the attractive Tess grew up well protected and conservative in a small town. They have only one thing in common: both are looking forward to their first home of their own, only unfortunately one and the same in Berlin-Neukölln. Without knowing about each other, the young women have signed a lease for the same apartment. Sasha, who is already unpacking her boxes, is shocked when Tess suddenly appears in the doorway and also settles in. Neither of them wants to leave without a fight. Then Paul (Thorsten Feller) shows up - architecture student, radio presenter and Sasha's sandbox friend. The smart neighbor immediately succumbs to the irresistible charm of the man-killing blonde. Now Sasha has had enough: Tess must leave within the next 12 days!

Initial broadcast
Anna Bertheau, Karoline Schuch, Thorsten Feller, Claudia Wenzel, Wolfgang Häntsch uvm.
Udo Wittem
Edda Sonnemann (ProSieben)
Regine Bielefeldt
Uli Aselmann
Director of Photography
Dieter Krug
Monika Schindler
Production Design
Simon Töpfer
Costume Design
Astrid Reinhardt
Hair and Make-Up
Annette Löffler, Natalia Jaik