Polizeiruf 110 - Vater Unser

As Commissioner Tauber (Edgar Selge) receives an unusual delivery from Montevideo, he has no idea in what an intricate case he is becoming involved. Amongst other things, the three large boxes contain his father’s inheritance—a treasured collection of military paraphernalia. Suddenly, all sorts of parties are interested in the famous collection, particularly in an ominous watercolour painting of Lake Walchen. At the same time, Tauber’s sister Eva (Franziska Walser), with whom he has long since had no contact, appears at his home. One night, Tauber’s nerves are tested to the limit by one of the interested parties (Schmitt; Nikolaus Paryla) and the one-armed comissioner gets drawn into a fight on a railway bridge, during which the watercolour falls onto the tracks. The next morning, Schmitt is found dead on the rails. Commissioner Jo Obermaier (Michaela May), who, together with her colleague Tauber, fulfils her “duty to the community” by giving police schooling at a vocational training center, is pleased to have a new murder case: not only does it free her from her teaching duties; but it also provides distraction from her husband’s Turkish family, who have taken control of her flat during the past weeks.
Meanwhile, Tauber is confronted with criticism from his sister, who cannot accept the fact that he never made peace with his now-dead father. Eva Tauber takes the opportunity of their father’s inheritance to clear up matters that have gone unspoken for years. As Commissioner Obermaier learns that the main suspect in the Schmitt murder case is none other than her colleague Tauber—who isn’t particularly cooperative during questioning—things begin to run a dangerous course. Does Commissioner Tauber really have something to hide?

A bold, courageous and remarkable story.

An at times piercing mix between thriller and family drama.

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Initial broadcast
Edgar Selge, Michaela May, Fritz Lichtenhahn, Stefan Hunstein, Adele Neuhauser uvm.
Bernd Schadewald
Dr. Cornelia Ackers (BR)
Christian Jeltsch
Uli Aselmann
Director of Photography
Helmut Pirnat
Anja von Rüxleben-Drechsler
Production Design
Bärbel Schadewald
Costume Design
Ingrid Weiss
Hair and Make-Up
Viola Patricia Grotz, Ulrike Madej, Brigitte Dettling