Episode 1 Gesa
Gesa (Annette Frier) is a bit overwhelmed as the initiator of the class reunion. When Astrid (Anna Schudt) reminds her that she, Gesa, stripped on the last class trip and that Marion (Jeanette Hain) has been keeping an outrageous secret with her current husband Thorsten (Oliver Wnuk) ever since, the reunion seems to end in disaster for her.
Editing: Ulf Albert

Episode 2 Ali & Hergen
Ali (Kida Khodr Ramadan) claims to earn a lot of money as a veterinarian in Brandenburg. He is all too happy to present the bundles of bills he has in his pockets. Ali wants to financially support the quiet Hergen (Marek Harloff), because in his opinion he earns far too little as a musician and "supporter" at a cab company. Without further ado, he engages the sensitive artist to accompany him through the evening. But then Hergen summons up all his courage.
Editing: Melanie Landa

Episode 3 Marion
Gesa (Annette Frier) and Thorsten (Oliver Wnuk) argue about who invited Marion (Jeanette Hain). Apparently Marion had many admirers in her class who are still fascinated by her today. Thorsten too? Marion's former classmates think she doesn't have all her cups in the cupboard. And then, at the end of the evening, she is picked up by a man.
Editing: Melanie Landa

Episode 4 Sandra
Sandra (Elena Uhlig) is pregnant and happily married. She works as a family lawyer and senses when something is wrong. Is there still something going on between Marion (Jeanette Hain) and Thorsten (Oliver Wnuk)? She also discusses this with Katharina (Nina Kunzendorf) and Astrid (Anna Schudt) - a trio that feels called upon to immediately seek a conversation with Thorsten's wife Gesa (Annette Frier).
Editing: Janina Gerkens, Alexander Menkö

Episode 5 Krischi
Krischi (Charly Hübner) used to have good friends and some admirers in his class. Today he doesn't want to hear about the fact that Ali (Kida Khodr Ramadan) with his migration background was his best friend and Ulli (Guido Renner) - now a farmer - more than admired him. Has Krischi really become a Nazi? The fact that it didn't work out with Stefanie (Anja Kling) back then is noticeably affecting him - which is why he also drinks more than he can apparently handle.
Editing: Janina Gerkens

Episode 6 Thorsten
Thorsten (Oliver Wnuk) is outraged by the way rumors about him and Marion (Jeanette Hain) spread that evening. When it is also said that he secretly has a child with her, he wants to confront her and disappears with her into the broom closet. The fact that his wife Gesa (Annette Frier) finds them there does not necessarily help to calm the situation.
Editing: Alexander Menkö

Without a script and solely on the basis of role profiles, the actors improvised a class reunion 25 years after graduation in just under 5 hours. A total of 32 cameras (24 of which were manned) captured a total of 130 hours of footage, which was condensed in several months of editing into a 90-minute TV film and a series of six 30-minute episodes.

It was the craziest TV movie of the year. And it's now becoming a series!

This star ensemble turns a "class reunion" 25 years after high school graduation into a TV experience.
Golden Camera

Improv television can be this exciting.

Initial broadcast
Annette Frier, Charly Hübner, Anja Kling, Oliver Wnuk, Jeanette Hain, Fabian Hinrichs, Elena Uhlig, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Nina Kunzendorf, Aurel Manthei, Anna Schudt, Christian Kahrmann, Marek Harloff, Burghart Klaußner, Nadja Zwanziger, Nicole Kersten, Guido Renner, Björn Jung uvm.
Jan Georg Schütte
Nina Klamroth, Dr. Silke Holgersson (one)
Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven
Director of Photography
Oliver Schwabe
Ulf Albert (Folge 1), Melanie Landa (Folge 2 & 3), Janina Gerkens (Folge 4 & 5), Alexander Menkö (Folge 4 & 6)
Bird and Bird Film (Lars Jessen, Sebastian Schulz)