Claudia (Rebecca Immanuel), who is in her mid-forties, convinces her son Oliver (Tilman Pörzgen) to have his and his fiancée Jade’s (Lea Ruckpaul) wedding in South Tirol, where Claudia lives. With the couple’s approval, Claudia decided to plan a manageable but stunning ceremony on the deck of her beautiful small house. When Herb (Christoph M. Ohrt), the cocky father of the bride, arrives shortly before the wedding, he has different plans and wants to provide his daughter with the most lavish and expensive wedding. Claudia and Herb compete eagerly to earn the young couple’s affection and while doing so, almost succeed in breaking them up. Nevertheless, in their egoistic actions, Claudia and Herb realize their attraction for each other. However, when blonde Amanda (Jane Julie Kilka) surprises everyone with her visit, not only as the wedding singer but also as Herb’s much younger sugarbaby, the wedding and Herb’s sincerity towards Claudia comes into serious questioning. Finally, Herb has to make the decision whether he runs away from his feelings as always or whether he eventually mans up to fight for his emotions …

Initial broadcast
Rebecca Immanuel, Christoph M. Ohrt, Lea Ruckpaul, Tilman Pörzgen, Lukas Spisser, Jana Julie Kilka, Gabriele Andergassen, Peter Mitterutzner uvm.
Solveig Willkommen (Sat.1)
Daniel Scotti-Rosin
Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven
Sabine Weimann Casting, Fuel Casting
Director of Photography
Raphael Beinder
Funded by
IDM Südtirol
Maximilian Vetter