Wenn es am schönsten ist

Peter (Heino Ferch) lives life to the full and has accomplished much. However, there is a flaw in this picture, around which his life unceasingly circles; which painfully reminds him, over and over, that despite all his attempts to escape it, he is still under the influence of his father Georg (Friedrich von Thun) and has never really accepted his own responsibilities as a father.
His partner Hanna (Julia Koschitz) is also unable to fill the emptiness Peter feels. His son Lukas (Max Hegewald) - now a young man - has inherited many talents from his father, even though he had next to nothing to do with him.
Father and son are brought face-to-face with one another at a family celebration. This time it’s clear: at this important turning point, Peter will no longer be able to avoid his son or Lukas’s questions and reproaches – and he will no longer be able to avoid himself. It is time for a difficult reconciliation – time to grow up.

Initial broadcast
Heino Ferch, Max Hegewald, Julia Koschitz, Friedrich von Thun, Barbara Focke uvm.
Johannes Fabrick
Karina Ulitzsch (ZDF)
Astrid Ruppert
Uli Aselmann
Nina Haun
Director of Photography
Helmut Pirnat
Sandy Saffeels
Production Design
Thilo Mengler
Costume Design
Astrid Möldner
Hair and Make-Up
Gisela Trescher, Heiko Wengler Rust