Hans and Joachim (both about 60) couldn't be more different. One of them is a chronic drifter and master of the easy life, who is incapable of maintaining a relationship and just lets women put up with him. The other is a meticulous office worker in early retirement, who couldn't be more fussy. The only thing they have in common is their past love of dance school owner Isolde (late 50s), and that was more than 30 years ago.

As Isolde so seriously injures herself dancing wild rock ‘n‘ roll that she has to be taken to hospital and can't continue running the school, both men receive a letter from Isolde asking them to help her by taking over for a while. Both men consider themselves to be better equipped for the job of reviving the bankrupt, rundown dance school than the other. After initial disputes and problems with the allocation of duties, the men have to pull themselves together when the spirited instructor Martha (36) can no longer continue her dance classes due to family problems. Hans and Joachim discover by chance that Martha's disinterested son Carlo (17) is everything other than a lousy dancer. A well-functioning trio rapidly develops from the very different personalities, although the enjoyment is quickly soured when the two dumped husbands discover that Isolde has used them both to meet her own ends. The men stand before the wreckage of their shared dreams, and are on the verge of throwing in the towel and returning to their previous lives. But then Carlo and his new girlfriend Sophie (16) save the situation with the idea of enthusing potential dance students for their new school with a dance flash mob on the market square. Hans and Joachim realise that they only work really well as a team….

Initial broadcast
Uwe Ochsenknecht, Herbert Knaup, Andrea L´Arronge, Jawad Rajpoot, Maria Bachmann, Sonia Diaz, Lisa Vicari uvm.
Thomas Kronthaler
Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)
Thomas Kronthaler, Stephanie Kronthaler
Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven
Stefany Pohlmann
Director of Photography
Christof Oefelein
Maximilian Vetter
Tiger Kirchharz