The three neighbors Eroll, Lars and Helmut live on a newly built housing estate under the rule of their wives—or so they say! They’re permanently being made to go shopping and “talk about things” with their spouses; anything that men enjoy doing is bickered about. And this really gets on the men’s nerves!
But instead of protesting or arguing with their wives, the men have discovered something else: the Men’s Club. A basement boiler-room at the edge of the new estate, which supplies the houses with heating and hot water. For some time now, this has been the place where Eroll, Lars and Helmut meet—regularly and secretly—when they run away from their wives. Here, they are men. Here they can be men as they wish to be men. They slag off their wives, play table football, watch soccer matches on a screen and eat pizza that has to be washed down with plenty of canned beer.
The appearance of Aykut, a real man’s man and the new estate’s facility manager, leaves our trio faced with a problem: Aykut needs to clear out the cellar…. But the secret clubhouse is sacred to the friends and they are prepared to fight for the survival of their final retreat. They will fight with whatever means they have to, if it comes down to it. When Aykut helps Lars in a difficult situation, he ends up being sent packing by his wife, and Aykut too seeks refuge in the Men’s Club.

Theatrical release
Elyas M'Barek, Christoph Maria Herbst, Detlev Buck, Serkan Cetinkaya, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Jasmis Schwiers, Dominic Boeer, Michael Gwisdek uvm.
Franziska Meyer Price
Rainer Ewerrien, David Ungureit
Uli Aselmann
Emrah Ertem
Director of Photography
Bernhard Jasper
Stefan Essl, Zaz Montana
Production Design
Patrick Steve Müller
Costume Design
Katharina Schnelting
Hair and Make-Up
Jeanette Tripodi, Regine Frohberg
Funded by
HessenInvest Film, FFA, DFFF, BKM
Constantin Film (Oliver Berben, Martin Moszkowicz)