2018 in a small German town.
25 years ago, our protagonists left school together to make their way into the world. Their circumstances were very different: one girl was prettier, one more intelligent; one boy had rich parents, another was trashy; one was skinny, one sporty; one guy simply had sex appeal and another was still a child. But all of them had a dream—dreams which, for the most part, were left unfulfilled or didn't turn out quite as planned.

These people now meet again at a class reunion in their old haunt. They come face-to-face with people they once dreamt with. Back then. Each of them know what he or she has accomplished or not accomplished. They compare one another; check whether their own life has worked out better or worse than those of others. All of them, of course, have doubts regarding the lives they have sculpted for themselves, are still unsure of the wisdom of certain decisions: Would I be happier if I'd chosen another partner, earnt more money, pursued a different career, had no/more/fewer children, managed to snare that woman or that man, if I'd worked harder at school? At first, no-one admits to their doubts and inner struggles. They defend their own lives. Consequently, 22 adults face each other with important questions on their minds, questions which are drawn through the film like a game task: Is my life, as I have lived it, OK? Is the plan for my future life OK? In short, is my life script OK?

This film is about the absurdity of these questions—in the end, only we ourselves can provide the answers—and about the reality that an individual's potential for happiness is as high for a refuse collector as it is for a Hollywood star. Happiness is personal. It's also about the fact that in life, we all have to make a lot of choices; we have all left things behind, all found and lost people, all experienced professional failure or success. Many battles fought and somehow survived. It you think about it, we're ALL HEROS

Initial broadcast
Annette Frier, Charly Hübner, Anja Kling, Oliver Wnuk, Jeanette Hain, Fabian Hinrichs, Elena Uhlig, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Nina Kunzendorf, Aurel Manthei, Anna Schudt, Christian Kahrmann, Marek Harloff, Burghart Klaußner, Nadja Zwanziger, Nicole Kersten, Guido Renner, Björn Jung uvm.
Jan Georg Schütte
Nina Klamroth (WDR), Dr. Silke Holgersson (one)
Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven
Director of Photography
Oliver Schwabe
Benjamin Ikes
Production Design
Tim Pannen
Costume Design
Susann Günther
Hair and Make-Up
Astrid Mariaschk, Frauke Horn, Skadi Lesske, Nadia Homri, Andrea Braun
Bird and Bird Film (Lars Jessen, Sebastian Schulz)