Emil (Klaus Wildbolz) thinks his life is over – because the doctors have told him so. There are matters to be taken care of, an unsuspecting family to provide for and a life insurance prolicy that requires an elegant demise. So Emil summons his old golfing partners together, the other three members of the “The Sunday Quartet” (Herbert Leiser, Günther Maria Halmer, Walter Hess). His tasks his friends with making his death – brought about painlessly by tablets – look like a heart attack on the fourth green. At first, the guys are horrified. They argue, drink, get overexcited – almost like old times – and then become reflective in the light of the impending end. Emil’s wife Ingrid (Heidi Maria Glössner) then appears unexpectedly, together with her friend Bea (Suly Röthlisberger). Of all people, Ingrid bumps into Emil’s secretary (Beatrice Kessler) and naturally senses that something is amiss. Finally, Angie (Melanie Winiger) flutters into Emil’s room – very lively, very seductive and very Buddhist. But as The Sunday Quartet courageously march to their last round, it becomes clear that life obviously doesn’t intend to be beaten so easily.

Only seldom in an SF production has the tightrope between humor and tragedy been walked with such agility.

Initial broadcast
Klaus Wildbolz, Herbert Leiser, Günther Maria Halmer, Walter Hess, Heidi Maria Glössner, Beatrice Kessler uvm.
Sabine Boss
Peter Studhaler (SRF), Maya Fahrni (SRF), Astrid Ruppert (ARD Degeto)
Martin Rauhaus
Uli Aselmann
Director of Photography
Filip Zumbrunn
Beni Fueter
Production Design
Georg Bringolf
Costume Design
Linda Harper
Hair and Make-Up
Bea Petri
Zodiac Pictures (Lukas Hobi, Reto Scharli)