Schluss! Aus! Amen!

Johanna (Saskia Vester) and Heinz (Heinz-Josef Braun) live together with Heinz’s aged mother Magdalena on a farm in the countryside. The couple’s grown-up children Caroline (Fanny Krausz) and Christoph (Franz-Xaver Brückner) are studying and living in Munich, but they like to come home at the weekends. With the sudden death of Grandma, the three-generation household falls apart. Grief is soon replaced by serious money worries; losing Grandma’s pension and health insurance payouts will leave a large hole in the family finances. The children continue to need financial support and the tractor hasn’t been paid off yet. So instead of registering her death, Johanna and Heinz put Grandma in the big chest freezer in the cellar. At first, Caroline and Christoph are shocked, but then the family pulls together. With the help of little tricks, they are able to successfully hide Grandma’s death—until the time comes for Grandma’s level of care to be reassessed. A Grandma-double is needed fast. How lucky that dementia-suffering OAP Erni (Gertrud Roll) lives in the neighborhood and how fortunate that Johanna can persuade Ermi’s children to take an unplanned holiday. As the borrowed grandmother temporarily moves into the Sailer’s home, the façade appears to be intact. Until it becomes clear that the invalid old lady isn’t quite as helpless as she makes out…

Initial broadcast
Saskia Vester, Heinz-Josef Braun, Gertrud Roll, Fanny Krausz, Franz-Xaver Brückner, Monika Baumgartner uvm.
Thomas Kronthaler
Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)
Thomas und Stephanie Kronthaler
Uli Aselmann
Franziska Aigner
Director of Photography
Christof Oefelein
Anke Berthold
Production Design
Antonia Wagner
Costume Design
Petra M. Hanslbauer
Hair and Make-Up
Scharka Cechova, Stephanie Zorn