Drei Kameradinnen

Since their youth, Hani, Kasih and Saya have shared a deep friendship. After years, the three now meet again. But no matter whether they meet above the rooftops of the city, on the bench in front of the supermarket or at a squat party, it always becomes clear that they cannot shake off what now so often determines their everyday life: the looks, the sayings, hatred and right-wing terror. But their friendship gives them support. Until one dramatic night shakes everything up. A house goes up in flames - an arson attack with several dead. Then Saya is arrested. She is suspected of having set the fire; her left-wing extremist ideology is said to have motivated her to commit this act. Or is it her Islamist fanaticism? Her friend Kasih becomes the protagonist of a TV report and is supposed to report on the background that might have motivated her friend to commit the arson attack. In flashbacks, she tells a story without beginning and without end.

Milena Aboyan
SWR, Stefanie Groß
Milena Aboyan, Mitarbeit: Linda Kokkores
Ben Zerhau, Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven