Vaya con Dios

A die film gmbh motion picture in co-production with

Road movie with three monks and a woman.

Theatrical release: 28 March 2002


... A mix of comedy, love story and a road movie about three monks … strikingly beautiful film music SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG
... on the narrow path between earthly temptation and monasterial asceticism... ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG MAINZ
... with quiet humour, wonderfully impressive sound and above all staged with respect for the three main characters... WESTFÄLISCHE RUNDSCHAU
100 % TZ


  • BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Daniel Brühl, best talented young actor
  • BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Chiara Schoras, best talented young actress
  • BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for Zoltan Spirandelli, best up and coming director
  • BAYERISCHER FILMPREIS 2002 for die film gmbh, VGF producer prize
  • GERMAN FILM PRIZE for Daniel Brühl: best main actor

Movie details:

  • Year: 2000
  • Genre: Road movie
  • Length: 103 minutes
  • Actors: Michael Gwisdek, Daniel Brühl, Matthias Brenner, Chiara Schoras, Traugott Buhre
  • Director: Zoltan Spirandelli
  • Writer: Zoltan Spirandelli
  • Camera: Dieter Deventer

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