Sarah Kohr - Geister der Vergangenheit (WT)

In postproduction

Lorenz Degen (Anatole Taubman), a former Hamburg neighbourhood bigwig sentenced to life in prison, escapes from prison after 19 years - and suddenly Inspector Sarah Kohr (Lisa Maria Potthoff) and public prosecutor Anton Mehringer (Herbert Knaup) are part of his plan. Despite all the danger, the two cannot count on official help because the secret from back then that put Degen behind bars would destroy their careers. A secret that Sarah Kohr and Anton Mehringer have shared ever since and that should never be spoken of again...

Movie details:

  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Lisa Maria Potthoff, Herbert Knaup, Stephanie Eidt, Anatole Taubmann, Golo Euler, Corinna Kirchhoff etc.
  • Director: Bruno Grass
  • Editorial: Daniel Blum (ZDF)
  • Writer: Timo Berndt
  • Camera: Tobias Schmidt
  • Casting: Deborah Congia
  • Producers: Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven