Polizeiruf 110 - Jenseits

A die film gmbh production for Bayerischer Rundfunk

Tim is dead. Tauber (Edgar Selge) has to take this sad news to the schoolboy’s mother (Ulrike Krumbiegel). Despite all his experience, this is too much for Tauber. Naturally, the mother wants to see her dead child one last time. But pathological evaluations and regulations that even Tauber and Obermaier (Michaela May) cannot avoid stand in the way. Moreover, suspicions that the child was murdered are growing. Desperation drives the mother into a tragedy that also tests Tauber’s and Obermaier’s own perceptions of humanity. From an early stage on, it is clear that the boy’s murderer must have been a close family member: father, uncle and even the mother are under suspicion. And so the thriller draws to its tragic conclusion: that man, despite all his possibilities, does not have the power to protect that which he loves most; whereas he is well able to destroy it.


The script shines with water-tight dialogues, the direction with gentle and thoughtful staging DER TAGESSPIEGEL
This convincing piece is a general attack on the bumptious mechanics of detection routines DER SPIEGEL
"Polizeiruf 110 - Jenseits" is a touching study about distance, closeness, and sorrow DIE TAGESZEITUNG


  • First HAMBURGER KRIMIPREIS 2008 in honour of Jürgen Rolands
  • DEUTSCHER KAMERA- PREIS 2008 - Dirk Göhler nominated for best cut, TV

Movie details:

  • Year: 2006
  • Genre: Crime
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Michaela May, Edgar Selge, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Stefan Merki, Daniel Friedrich uvm.
  • Director: Eoin Moore
  • Editorial: Dr. Cornelia Ackers (BR)
  • Writer: Markus Thebe, adaptation: Boris Gullotta
  • Camera: Bernd Löhr
  • Casting: Silke Fintelmann

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