Polizeiruf 110 - Die Mass ist voll

A die film gmbh production for Bayerischer Rundfunk

Tauber (Edgar Selge) and Obermaier (Michaela May) are investigating in a Munich beer garden. Commissar Obermaier—disguised as a waitress—is acting as bait in order to catch a serial killer. The killer already has two waitresses on his conscience and Jo Obermaier, in dirndl, fits the killer’s victim profile perfectly….


This finnicky case portrays feature film qualities TV MOVIE

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"Method acting" à la Bavarian... after this thriller, tips will increase TV SPIELFILM

Movie details:

  • Year: 2004
  • Genre: Crime
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Michaela May, Edgar Selge, Gregor Bloéb, Peter Rühring, Tayfun Bademsoy, Adrian Andrade
  • Director: Klaus Krämer
  • Editorial: Dr. Cornelia Ackers (BR)
  • Writer: Klaus Krämer
  • Camera: Ralph Netzer
  • Casting: Silke Fintelmann

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