Plötzlich Opa

A die film gmbh production for ARD Degeto

Following the death of his parents, Jonas (Max Felder) is supposed to find his new home with Grandpa (Günther Maria Halmer) in the countryside. Initially, Grandpa Ludwig has as much difficulty dealing with the sudden change as his grandson does living between cowshed and village pub. With straight talking, clever patience and hearty home-cooking, good-hearted landlady Rosi (Christiane Blumhoff) finally succeeds in bringing the two “fellows” closer together. A new life can begin for grandfather and grandson. However, the greedy relatives also realize what the boy has—namely a considerable fortune—and want to secure this by claiming custody of the boy. But their calculations didn’t take Grandpa into account, who rediscovers his old fighting spirit in order to fetch his grandson home.


Touching and told with Bavarian wit TV DIREKT
Thomas Kronthaler staged this charming family comedy... with lots of esprit and sentiment BERLINER ZEITUNG
... a family comedy with hardly a dull moment - well worth seeing BLICKPUNKT FILM
A family comedy about the relationship of grandfather – father – grandson, soulfully staged TV KLAR

Movie details:

  • Year: 2004
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Günther Maria Halmer, Max Felder, Christiane Blumhoff, Katharina Schubert, Hardy Krüger jr., Laura Sonntag, Maria Bachmann
  • Director: Thomas Kronthaler
  • Editorial: Astrid Ruppert (ARD Degeto)
  • Writer: Claudia Kaufmann
  • Camera: Helmut Pirnat

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