Novaks Ultimatum

An production for Sat.1

Attorney General Erhardt (August Zirner) is the victim of an assault. He survives and suspects his attackers of belonging to a fascist network with connections to the government. Special agent Novak (Mark Keller) is reactivated in order to penetrate the network by going undercover with the identity of a killer. Novak soon unmasks the influential publisher Hildebrandt (Hanns Zischler) as the man pulling the strings. However, while the undercover agent still believes he is in the process of exposing a rightist conspiracy, Hildebrandt has known his true identity from the beginning. Hildebrandt uses Novak to complete the job that failed at the first attempt: namely to kill Erhardt. Novak’s partner Gutmann (Jophi Ries) learns of the intrigue but can’t warn him anymore. Charlotte (Florentine Lahme), the publisher’s daughter, risks her life in order to save Novak.


... a technically exquisite thriller which stands out of the mainstream of such productions mainly because of the polished directing. FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU
"Novaks Ultimatum" is a parsimonious thriller. It saves on action but stays gripping. It saves on dialogues and instead talks through impressive camera work and editing. SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG
An overall little lurid story which is nevertheless characterized by subtle suspense and which manages to evoke surprises STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG

Movie details:

  • Year: 2002
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Mark Keller, Hanns Zischler, August Zirner, Jophie Ries, Claude Oliver Rudolph, Florentine Lahme
  • Director: Andreas Prochaska
  • Editorial: Patrick Simon (Sat.1)
  • Writer: Andreas Prochaska
  • Camera: David Slama

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