Ein Mann unter Verdacht

A die film gmbh production for ZDF

Two days after her birthday party, Thomas Altmann's wife Anja (40) disappears. Thomas (40) reports her missing. He is soon suspected of murder, since Anja disappeared after a hefty row, and there appears to be condemning evidence. However, Thomas attorney, Lavinia Bartok (38), crushes the arguments of the criminal detectives, who have little firm evidence. Lavinia, an attractive woman, is infamous for winning every case. Twenty years ago, she lived with Thomas and Anja in a "ménage a trois". A long time has past, but during the investigations in preparation for the court case, Thomas and Lavinia grow closer again. Although she believes in his innocence, Lavinia cannot prevent Thomas from being taken into custody.
Anja and Thomas 15-year-old son Anton is taken in by Anja's father, who raises serious accusations against Thomas: he killed Anna; she had always been afraid of him. He uses all his contacts to damage Robert and prevent his release. Thomas, on the other hand, accuses the father of having abused Anja and viewing her as his property. During the court case, indications surface that Anja is alive and has been sighted in Spain. There is still no body, no proof—just increasing uncertainty and new, contradictory circumstantial evidence. There is also speculation that Anja and Lavinia planned together to put Thomas in jail. Shortly before the trail and Lavinia's closing arguments, Thomas asks her a question that casts doubt on all presumed certainties….

Movie details:

  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Drama
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Mark Waschke, Petra Schmidt-Schaller
  • Director: Thomas Stuber
  • Editorial: Günther van Endert (ZDF)
  • Writer: Stefan Kolditz
  • Camera: Moritz Schultheiß
  • Casting: Anja Dihrberg
  • executive producer: Sonja Zimmerschitt
  • Producer: Uli Aselmann