Meine Mutter, mein Bruder und ich!

A die film gmbh motion picture in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk, arte and BurkertBareiss Development

23-year-old Areg (Erhan Emre), born in Armenia, has lived in Germany with his widowed mother Maria (Lida Zakaryan) and 10-year-old brother Garnik (Kurt Onur Ipekkaya) for over 10 years. He wants to stay here with his German girlfriend; achieve his goals here. However, Areg’s mother has long since begun the search for an Armenian bride for her eldest son and yearns to return to her homeland, with her sons, as soon as possible. Even Areg’s little brother feels drawn to Armenia - treasure is said to be buried in his mother’s home village. At least this is what a preacher told him. Garnik is convinced that if he only believes strongly enough in his wishes, then these will come true. When the doctors tell Areg that his mother is in much poorer health than had previously been assumed, he has to stay in Regensburg with his Maria and Garnik. Step-by-step, Areg is forced to face his Armenian roots again.


Calis' debut feature has beautiful moments, wit, and fine observation of daily routines,... TV SPIELFILM
This is fun and reminds us a bit of "Good Bye, Lenin" but it is only an episode in this tragicomical family film. The greatest achievement of Nuran David Calis's debut is that he manages to get back to the actual topic of the film, the yearning for his lost home country, despite the many secondary story lines SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG
This poetic work alternates between everyday realism and irrational elements and connects... German social reality of life with quirky humoresque BLICKPUNKT FILM
With his charmingly naive film debut, the Munich stage director Nuran Davis Calis managed to produce a sensitive piece of cinema about the difficulties with integration and loss of one's home country FILMWOCHE/FILMECHO
Profound TV MOVIE
Succesful debut with a poetical ending TV MOVIE

Movie details:

  • Year: 2006
  • Actors: Erhan Emre, Lida Zakaryan, Kurt Onur Ipekkaya, Mira Bartuschek, Corinna Harfouch
  • Director: Nuran David Calis
  • Editorial: Dr. Cornelia Ackers (BR), Monika Lobkowicz (BR/arte), Jochen Kölsch (BR/arte), Barbara Häbe (arte)
  • Writer: Nuran David Calis
  • Camera: Helmut Pirnat

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