Family Affairs - Gier nach Glück

A die film gmbh production for Sat.1

Marine biologist Leonie (Sylke Hannasky) is happiest when out at sea with her beloved Dave (Götz Otto). Out here there is nothing to remind anyone of the daughter of a rich jewelry maker. But just before his death, the patriarch appoints Leonie, of all people, to owner of the family concern. No one within the wide family network had expected this; least of all Leonie. She is now faced with the decision of her life: does she take up the fight with her own family, all of whom feel hard done by, for the sake of the responsibility with which her father has burdened her? Or does she follow her heart and return, with Dave, to the place in which she was happy?


Beautiful, rich, and mean HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT
Nice piece of entertainment GONG
Emotional drama about money and power LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU

Movie details:

  • Year: 2002
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Sylke Hannasky, Götz Otto, Christiane Krüger, Michael Rast, Gesche Tebbenhoff
  • Director: Matthias Steurer
  • Editorial: Jan Bremme (Sat.1)
  • Writer: Regine Bielefeldt
  • Camera: Stefan Ditner
  • Casting: Silke Fintelmann

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