An documentary film in co-production with 3sat

Theatrical release: 24 January 2008

Since 1958, every NS-persecuted individual has the right to claim compensation for damage inflicted to their health from the German State. The investigations of those placing the claims were carried out by German doctors worldwide, also in L.A. According to estimations from the responsible monitoring office, the final annuity payments will be made in 2015.
In April 2006, 800 of the affected individuals still lived in L.A.


She slowly approaches the topic in her film... TAGESSPIEGEL

Movie details:

  • Year: 2006
  • Genre: documentary
  • Director: Lilly Engel
  • Editorial: Udo Bremer (ZDF, 3sat)
  • Writer: Lilly Engel
  • Camera: Lukas Schmid

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