Ein Praktikant fürs Leben

A production for SWR

Make photocopies, make coffee, organize the boss’s adultery – that just about sums up the internship of business administration student Ben Kremer (Roman Knizka). Despite top grades, the best references and a smart image, his career just isn’t progressing – and nor is his life. Just like so many other members of the “intern generation”. Ben tolerates the situation with good grace, until one day Jana (Anna Brüggemann) - love of his life and the company receptionist – harshly .rejects him. Now it’s about pride, taking control of one’s own life and finding the courage to set the boss (August Zirner) limits. Ben has to prove to himself that he is the man of his own house – both for his own benefit, as well as for Jana’s and that of their shared future.


... one should see the film by Ingo Rasper (...) and above all enjoy it... The film (...) convinces through its clear and dense comedian dramaturgy... TITTELBACH.TV
Inventive transitions, honed dialogues, excellently directed actors as well as a dynamic mise-en-scene BLICKPUNKT FILM
A subtle comment on society ABENDZEITUNG, Hörfunk- und Fernsehprogramm

Movie details:

  • Year: 2009
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Roman Knizka, Anna Brüggemann, August Zirner
  • Director: Ingo Rasper
  • Editorial: Michael Schmidl (SWR), Manfred Hattendorf (SWR)
  • Writer: Claudia Kaufmann
  • Camera: Christof Oefelein
  • Casting: Manolya Mutlu

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