Du bist nicht allein

a die film gmbh production for ZDF

As Eva Kormann (Sophie von Kessel) returns home on the day of her divorce, she finds a bouquet of red roses waiting for her on the step. The note reads "you are not alone", but doesn't state who they are from: the sender remains anonymous.

Eva is a high school teacher in Munich. She is an attractive woman; a fact not unnoticed by her neighbour, Herr Reindl (Heinz-Josef Braun), who she's always catching giving her funny looks. The older students at her school and some of her colleagues like to make insinuating remarks, too.

Then Eva unexpectedly bumps into her first love, Tom (Marcus Mittermeier). During dinner together, she is remined of their intimate togetherness, but in contrast to Tom, Eva doesn't want to rush into anything.

The next day she discovers an envelope on her patio. The contents: indecent photos of herself. What began as a suspicion now hardens into fact: she is being stalked. Eva calls the police, but in light of the insufficient evidence, they can only recommend she files a complaint against persons unknown. Eva feels vulnerable and unprotected, which unsettles her greatly …

Movie details:

  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Sophie von Kessel, Marcus Mittermeier, Michael Wittenborn...
  • Director: Johannes Fabrick
  • Editorial: Günther van Endert (ZDF)
  • Writer: Johannes Fabrick
  • Camera: Helmut Pirnat
  • Casting: Nina Haun
  • producers: Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven