Der Hochzeitswalzer

A die film gmbh production for ARD Degeto

Pianist Carlotta (Chiara Schoras) is preparing for her comeback concert in the refined Rheinblick Country Hotel. The accident injuries have healed and her marriage to the charming conductor Björn (August Zirner) is as good as perfect. But one ingredient is missing, and top chef Sebastian (Stephan Luca) knows what it is: passion. Their differing temperaments clash right from the start. But gradually, the “paté chaud” gains the upper hand over the muesli. These developments throw Carlotta‘s mother (Eleonore Weisgerber) into panic. After all, her daughter’s life has already taken one fateful turn in this hotel.


bubbly and entertaining GONG
romantic story with a charming female lead TV 14

Movie details:

  • Year: 2007
  • Genre: Romantic comedy
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Actors: Chiara Schoras, Stephan Luca, August Zirner, Eleonore Weisgerber
  • Director: Andrea Katzenberger
  • Editorial: Astrid Ruppert (ARD Degeto)
  • Writer: Marcus Hertneck
  • Camera: Hermann Dunzendorfer
  • Casting: Silke Fintelmann
  • Location: Wiesbaden and surrounding area

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