You have to be a MENSCH! is what it says in Billy Wilder’s comedy „The Apartment“.
Producing films means to engage and promote personalities. For we don’t sell products but develop ideas, stories, characters. We deal with destiny. Menschen! So that stories in tomorrow’s cinema or TV are convincing, we need to recognise Mensch today. When a story moves the viewer beyond the last credits, then many personalities made it their own and contributed to its success with their know-how, their imagination, and their drive. All these people together are die film gmbh.

die film gmbh was founded by Uli Aselmann in 1997. Sophia Aldenhoven joined as partner in January 2015. The independent Munich company with her subsidiaries (Hamburg), die film gmbh WEST (Cologne) and die film gmbH BERLIN (Berlin) has to date produced more than 100 fiction films for all leading broadcasting companies as well as feature films, documentaries and advertising spots. Many of the productions were awarded national and international prizes.